Your partner for compacting your creation


Your partner for compacting your creation

As a global technology leader, we know how to pellet a wide range of materials. Supplying the full scope from continuously feeding the proper amount, conditioning it homogeneously to just the right condition before pressing to finishing with post pelleting applications like coating or cooling.

Our expertise focuses not only on creating a pellet per se. In partnership with our customers, we continually strive for a process that improves the feed conversion rates and nutrition in pellets.


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Applications and commodities


Feed for all your livestock

Create feed for all your livestock, be it for ruminant, poultry or pigs and horses.

Compact your valuable by-product streams

Our pellet mills are widely used to compact oilseed extraction by-products. Extraction meal as well as the resulting hulls are efficiently sanitized and compacted for convenient storage and transport.

The ideal feed for each type of fish or crustacean

Micropellets, floating feeds, shrimp pellets or sinking feeds – anything be produced leveraging Bühler’s pelleting technology.

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